Everyone Can Learn Math

Second Edition – November 2019, EduMatch Publishing
First Edition – October 2018

How do you approach a math problem that challenges you? Do you keep trying until you reach a solution? Or are you like Amy, who gets frustrated easily and gives up?

Amy is usually a happy and enthusiastic student in grade five who loves to dance, but she is struggling with a tough math assignment. She doesn’t think she is good at math because her classmates always get the answers faster than she does and sometimes she uses her fingers to help her count. Even though her mom tries to help her, Amy is convinced she just cannot do math. She decides not to do the assignment at all since she thinks she wouldn’t do well anyway.

As Amy goes about her day, her experiences at ballet class, the playground, and gym class have her thinking back to how she gave up on her math assignment. She starts to notice that hard-work, practice, and dedication lead to success, thanks to her friends and teachers. She soon comes to understand that learning math is no different than learning any other skill in life. With some extra encouragement from her math teacher, a little help from her mom, and a new attitude, Amy realizes that she can do math!

Let’s Explore Math

A Journey in Four Parts

Coming April 2021, EduMatch Publishing

Amy is a spunky fifth grader who continues to doubt her mathematical abilities. Her friends, Johnathan, Miles, and Luciana support and encourage her to work through the struggles and reach her math potential.
Remembering advice from their teacher to use brain breaks, teamwork, and a growth mindset, they solve real-life math problems that arise while they play, one step at a time.

This book contains four short stories exploring math problems using:
– Multiplication
– Division
– Fractions
– Money

Look for the Math Around You

Photobook Series: Arrays, Estimation, Fractions, Geometry, Math Chats, and Patterns

Coming Soon, CodeBreaker, Inc

Look for the Math Around You is a collection of real-life photos with question prompts to help start math conversations with children. Math is everywhere around us – let’s help our children see the math in their lives. Use the optional prompts or go off-script and have fun looking for the math around you!