Engaging a child in math discussions from an early age is as essential to developing a love for math as reading books is to developing literacy. Here are some easy ideas to help you get started with talking about numbers in everyday life.

Math tends to bring out negative feelings in people. We can perpetuate that negativity onto our children, or we can change their future in math by changing the words we use around them. Choose to be positive.

We are careful with our language regarding body image, relationships with food and exercise, but often don’t think twice when discussing the subjects we hated in school. Let’s try not to continue the cycle of hating math.

The words we use with our children are extremely important. Kids pick up on our attitudes and behaviours and it is no different for math anxiety. Despite whatever our feelings may be, we need to motivate our children to want to learn math without unintentionally exuded our negative thoughts onto them.

Our mindset often plays the largest factor in our success. Here is a reminder of the reactions that enable success rather than inhibiting it.

Use this math scavenger hunt to find examples of math all around you. Try it indoors or outdoors and send us your findings!