Real-Life Math: 2 Simple Strategies for Joyful Math Talk

As the beginning of a new school year quickly approaches, we need to consider how we are going to build a positive math culture in our classrooms. I believe that every math class can be inviting and exciting for our students if we are intentional about creating joyful experiences. One of the key features ofContinue reading Real-Life Math: 2 Simple Strategies for Joyful Math Talk

Being Open-Minded to Mental Math

A recent conversation with a group of friends got me thinking about how I was taught to do calculations compared to how my children are being taught. I’m sure we have all heard the debate on “new math” versus “old math.” I don’t think there is such a thing, to be honest, but I do think there has been a distinct shift in the strategies students are being taught in elementary school for computations. …

Five Tips for Incorporating a Growth Mindset into Math Teaching

Growth mindset has become very popular in education and is, in a way, a bit of a buzz term. However, the benefits of applying growth mindset strategies in the math classroom have been visible among most of my students in my secondary mathematics classroom. I am a strong advocate for shifting our teaching from fixed mindset approaches to ones that incorporate a growth mindset. …

Using Graph Paper to Make Art and Develop Math Skills

Finding the math in the world around us is one of my favourite things. I love pointing out math topics that can be discussed from objects that seemingly don’t hold any math in them. I especially love when math is combined with other subject areas. Math and music go together beautifully, and math and art are a stunning combination.