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I want to start my first blog post by focusing on my author journey.

I first published Everyone Can Learn Math in October of 2018 through a self-publishing company. I spent over a year working on the marketing and promotion of the book all by myself. I did not spend any money on marketing and the self-publishing company did not promote the book beyond having it in their annual catalogue. I longed for a publisher to back my book. Last summer, I contacted EduMatch Publishing and pitched the idea of releasing my book as a second edition under their company and they agreed to proceed with me.

The second edition of Everyone Can Learn Math was released this week on November 19 and I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from the EduMatch community. Many authors have reached out to me and the people at the forefront of the publisher have been extremely helpful in making the launch a success and promoting it on their social media.

The process has not been without some hiccups. The old version is still listed on the internet and the listings for the new version are spread around, but hopefully all the kinks get worked out and soon all the printed copies of the old version will be sold out and make the new version easier to find.

This journey which began in March of 2018 has been difficult and overwhelming at times, but nothing good comes without struggle, right? I am proud of myself for realizing my dream and making it a success. I hold my head up high because I stretched out of my comfort zone with this project, but I have reached many children, parents, families, and educators with my passion for reducing math anxiety.

Keep spreading the math love <3