While most of the world is in some form of distancing, we have been trying to maintain some routines for our two children who are confused and sad to be away from their normal school days. Our math focus has been on open-ended thinking problems so that both children can make an attempt and learn something new. I try to incorporate new vocabulary and concepts. Throughout the day I keep bringing the new vocabulary back by finding examples around us.

For example, we learned about parallel and perpendicular lines earlier this week and the kids have been obsessively pointing out lines all around the house ever since. “Look! The grout lines are parallel but also perpendicular,” they say as they point out the lines on the floor and how they run.

You can say that we have developed our own math scavenger hunt around here by just looking for the math that exists around us. So, I created a more formal version of a math scavenger hunt to share with others.

This scavenger hunt has six categories of math topics. I encourage you to use this as a template for what works for you and your children. It may be too much to attempt to find all the items at one time, so just try one category and see how it goes. Add more items if you think of them or even make your own version!

I purposely made the items vague to allow you to discover the vocabulary with your children. For instance, if you are using the Transformations category and are unfamiliar with a translation, use it as opportunity to look up the word together and make up a list of examples before you go around searching. I am a strong believer that children can understand big concepts if we explain them at their level.

You may choose to do your math hunt indoors or you may choose to go out in the yard to search – or do both!

Find the colour version and the black and white version for friendly printing at these links.

If you try out the scavenger, please take some photos and send them my way and I will share them out to my audience.

Keep spreading the math love <3


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  1. Love it. I think I’ll assign it for spring “break” next week since the kids will be bored anyway and the parents requested we send anything we had to keep them busy!

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