Real-Life Math: 2 Simple Strategies for Joyful Math Talk

As the beginning of a new school year quickly approaches, we need to consider how we are going to build a positive math culture in our classrooms. I believe that every math class can be inviting and exciting for our students if we are intentional about creating joyful experiences. One of the key features ofContinue reading Real-Life Math: 2 Simple Strategies for Joyful Math Talk

Number Search Puzzles

Our children are six and eight years old. They love puzzles. And I love that they love puzzles because puzzles build many skills like perseverance while also helping us learn productive struggle. A favourite in our house are word search puzzles. The kids get great satisfaction from crossing out each word they have found with an excessive number of criss-crossed lines…

Being Open-Minded to Mental Math

A recent conversation with a group of friends got me thinking about how I was taught to do calculations compared to how my children are being taught. I’m sure we have all heard the debate on “new math” versus “old math.” I don’t think there is such a thing, to be honest, but I do think there has been a distinct shift in the strategies students are being taught in elementary school for computations. …

Coin Sorting Activity

I recently shared this activity on #WheresTheMathWednesday over on Instagram and it received a lot of interest from parents and educators looking for an easy, low-prep activity to introduce money to their children and students. The best part about this activity is that it can be tailored to suit your child’s needs and it can be extended in any direction depending on your child’s readiness…

Five Tips for Incorporating a Growth Mindset into Math Teaching

Growth mindset has become very popular in education and is, in a way, a bit of a buzz term. However, the benefits of applying growth mindset strategies in the math classroom have been visible among most of my students in my secondary mathematics classroom. I am a strong advocate for shifting our teaching from fixed mindset approaches to ones that incorporate a growth mindset. …

Using Graph Paper to Make Art and Develop Math Skills

Finding the math in the world around us is one of my favourite things. I love pointing out math topics that can be discussed from objects that seemingly don’t hold any math in them. I especially love when math is combined with other subject areas. Math and music go together beautifully, and math and art are a stunning combination.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

As an educator myself, I can say confidently that we are working harder than ever before. This new world of online-emergency-remote-learning – or whatever else you want to call it – is not normal to any of us. Then, add the possible additional pressures of home-life chaos, children of your own you must teach at home, financial struggles, and mental health decline due to isolation and you have a stressful scenario most of us have never dealt with before. …

Using Everyone Can Learn Math to Talk about Math

Everyone Can Learn Math is a children’s picture book about applying a growth mindset to learning math. Amy is a girl who thinks she is “not a math person,” but she learns through advice from her friends and teachers that she needs to work hard and struggle through math problems to get better at math. And that is O K A Y and N O R M A L. ..